Update AT Partnerships with S.C.I.F.I.T.V. – The Euro, Gold, and Silver Make a Surge Against the US Dollar

The Euro, Gold, and Silver Make a Surge Against the US Dollar

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US Stocks tumbled on Monday after a late selling frenzy amid a cooling global economy. The Dow was down 1.35% with the S&P500 at negative -1.35%. This correction is needed and is also expected among the large investors. United States overseas companies are really starting to feel the financial profit pinch with the continuing strong Dollar. All major indices are now below their important 200 ma. with the worst three day loss since 2011.

European Stocks on the other hand were actually up modestly with the Great Britain’s FTSE and the German DAX both in the black showing gains.

The Euro, Gold and Silver have just had a late surge in price against the mighty US Dollar after the close of Markets. The Euro is up over a 100 pips while Gold recovered from earlier losses to be sitting at 1236.62. The reason for this sudden reverse is the reporting of new Ebola cases out of Boston’s Logan Airport which sent jitters throughout the investing world. The Euro has put a squeeze on a lot of Long US Dollar holders and technically in the past 6-7 days has actually built a very nice support base to make further gains. The Fed has also come out and restated that there will be delays in the expected interest rate hike which also hammered the Dollar.

A Global glut of Oil is still keeping the pressure on; keeping prices low with demand not there to suck up the excesses.

China has the second largest economy in the world and their latest report showed export and import data rose, to the surprise of many. China has an annual target for growth at an enviable 7.5%. The Aussie Dollar responded positively on the news.

Russia and China strengthen further their desire to hurt the power of the US Dollar and the West by signing 40 agreements spanning energy, finance and technology to further deepen their relationship. All transaction to be done in Ruble and Renminbi. The ultimate goal of these two Countries is to have “International Settlements” to be done in their currencies.

Today news calendar has two major reports out with Great Britain’s CPI (Inflation data) and later, an important German ZEW Economic Sentiment, which should be way down after all the latest reports coming out of that country and should affect the Euro which has shown some positive life lately. There are no US report being announced today.

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How To Launch A Start Up Website

How To Launch A Start Up Website

These days, starting a new business online can be the best way of launching a start up as you can minimise overheads and get to market quickly to test your product. An example of this is to feature on a single product and promote the benefits of using it as an affiliate. This is a popular modern way of getting a business up and running and can be promoted through Facebook and other forms of social media.

You Can Burn through Your Budget With Marketing

If the start up has money to invest or is a joint venture with a financial backer it can be worth investing in Pay Par Click advertising to get quick exposure – although this methos can burn through your budget if you are not sure what you are doing.

RainForest wayOne Young Woman’s Journey To Entrepreneurship

One woman who went the route and is starting to see the fruits of her endeavor is Jennifer Mayall, a young Sydney entrepreneur who has launched her own review website in the competitive natural  beauty niche. We asked Jennifer to talk a little about her new start up venture.

The background to the launch was that she realised these days, although customers want to find out all about a product before buying it by researching online, they are now quite sick of having to sign up to websites to gain access. Tracking passwords and getting spam in their email are just two of the hassles that people want to leave behind: hence the launch of RainForest Way.

Customers looking for the latest beauty creams can visit the new Lifecell cream review website by RainForest Way at http://www.rainforestway.com.au/lifecell/treating-dry-skin The new start up website is designed to appeal specifically to women over thirty five and includes:

Great articles and product reviews – has price comparisons and break downs of the best product features.

Free access to information – no sign ups required.

Jennifer Mayall, the business owner of RainForest Way, when asked about her new cream review website said:

A great new way to look at online beauty products without having to sign up or give away your personal details.You can compare prices and products all in the one place so you can make an informed consumer choice before you buy

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at http://www.rainforestway.com.au/. Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing at the new Lifecell review website at http://www.rainforestway.com.au/lifecell

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One Of The Best Ways To Promote A Start Up Is To Get Online And Go Viral

One Of The Best Ways To Promote A Start Up Is To Get Online And Go Viral

When starting out with a new business venture, the game has changed over the last decade. One of the best ways to leverage your brand is to take it online. there are many strategies that can be used including: Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Traditional Press Releases and building “Authority” in your market by publishing informative content on established websites in the business niche you are targeting.

All of these can be combined to provide a serious boost to your brand, leveraging the power of “word of mouth” on the internet and capturing traffic across the web back to your website. Today we are going to discuss the strategy of using SEO to improve your websites visibility in the search engines as this is the first place to start when wanting to get in front of consumers.

Common SEO Terms For The Beginner

Sydney SEO company for new start upsWhether you wish to promote a business, product, blog site, social network page, or other online venture, it is important to have people notice you on the World Wide Web. Search engine optimization or SEO is important for anyone that wishes to establish an online presence. Here are some common terms that the “newbie” should be familiar with.

“Search engine” refers to websites that provide other websites for informational purposes. This includes Google, Yahoo, and others. That is where almost all online searches begin.

“Keywords” are specific terms that people use to find information at search sites. For example, if you are looking for cough syrup online, the words “cough syrup” would be the keywords. This is how people find you or your business.

“Descriptive terms” are words or phrases that describe your website. Your website description must have the same terms that people looking for you, use. If not, they could never find you.

When it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines, “search rank” is a very important term to understand. When someone searches online, a listing of relevant websites appears. Almost everyone wants to be first on the list. That gives you a number one ranking.

Being first is important because people instinctively go to the first items on lists. That is why you see so many businesses listed as “AAA” or “AAAA” in phone books. Begin second on the list is also important because that is the next option if the first item (or website) is not suitable.

If you are new to search engine optimization, take your time to familiarize yourself with all the main features. Of course, you could hire a quality marketing firm to take care of this for you. That way, you would not have to spend all your time learning something new, and you can concentrate your efforts on your promotions or business ventures.

If you are looking for SEO for start ups consider using Sydney Search Results, as they are a leading provider in this niche.

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AT Partnerships – FED Minutes Release Impacts Currencies

AT Partnerships – FED Minutes Release Impacts Currencies

FED Minutes Release Impacts Currencies

By AT Partnerships | Posted 09 Oct 2014

The long awaited “FED MINUTES” release from the USA yesterday afternoon certainly made a quick impact on all Markets and especially Currencies. The FED showed little change from previous meetings (keeping interest rates low) and this spurred the DOW to score its biggest gain of the year (1.6%). Other Stock Markets in the States also had gains as European and Asian Stocks trended lower aided by weak German data. From the currency point of view, the FED stated concerns of a too strong a Dollar, and immediately The Dollar felt an immediate blow from this broadside hit and fell quickly across the board of 10 currencies. The FED’s “doveish” tone caught many investors by surprise with Global growth slowdown a major concern for the States.

the fedThe Euro started on Monday, the 6th. October, with a nice “V” shaped upper correction with the Dollar from that major support of 1.2500, and yesterday’s FED news kept that momentum going with the pair now sitting at 1.2731. (high of day 1.2748) There are sell orders tipped at 1.2750/60 area as bids have now been raised. The Euro is the most traded currency in the world, more than the US Dollar. The Euro was a magnet to Gold as it also is enjoying a three day rally, biggest since last June, at 1221.00. Gold bulls are showing a wry smile of relief. The question is, Will these rallies hold and consolidate or continue into trading for today and Friday?

Early Thursday Asian trading has the Yen weaker and the Aussie Dollar awaits for jobs data out shortly. The Aussie had a quick move up after Fed announcement regaining some losses for the day and so is poised for another move if unemployment rate disappoints. Great Britain is poised for the Bank of England’s latest monetary policy release, mid European session. No rate change of interest is expected. The last important news release for Thursday is from the US as their Unemployment claims will be shown and a slight increase is the expectation.

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AT Partnerships Opportunities For Wealth

AT Partnerships Opportunities For Wealth

US Jobless Claims Strengthen the US Dollar

By AT Partnerships | Posted 10 Oct 2014

Thursday’s trading news comes down to a simple explanation; Stocks and commodities tumbled around the globe!

The Dow lead the way in losses in the US. European markets worried about a softening European economy that could be trouble for US earnings down the road. The Dow fell 1.97%, S&P 2.07%. Volatility action was up 24%. The catalyst was German exports down a disappointing – 5.8%, Germany being the dominant driving force of economic activity in the Euro Zone. Great Britain’s FTSE and Germany’s DAX Markets also suffered some late weakness with the DAX sitting on 8916.00.

What happened to currencies: the big three; US Dollar, the Euro, and the Yen? A late surge in the US session actually strengthened the mighty US Dollar against most currencies on upbeat US jobless claims as comments from Draghi pushed the Euro lower bolstering the Greenback’s appeal to investors. The only currency to dent the US Dollar was the Japanese YEN as they had some good data in manufacturing orders that was higher than expected.

AT PartnershipsGold and Silver have seen demand surge into the market this week with some nice gains and on Thursday during the Asian and European session the “up” momentum was still there, but when US investors stepped up to the plate for their turn to bat, things changed in quick fashion and prices quickly reversed with most of the previous gains of the day wiped out. Overall Gold did still manage to finish the day slightly up from the Asian opening which means that there is a 4 day price gain in Gold this week.

Since Tuesday of this week Oil has seen a massive drop in price, a $6.00 move down (WTI), to $84.32, the lowest price since April 2013, a 17% haircut. Oil price is simply at the whim of supply and demand, so obviously the supply is there as US OIL production has increased to an amazing 7.8 – 10 million barrels a day. The United States stands as the third largest Oil producer in the world with only Saudi Arabia and Russia ahead of them. China and the US are the greatest consumers of Oil. These stats are from 2013, therefore slight variations are most probable although there are no scams with the figures.

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